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The North Laguna Creek Valley Hi Community Association (NLCVHCA) was founded in September 2017 to represent homeowners, renters, and businesses within our boundaries. NLCVHCA is a voluntary community organization dedicated to enhance and maintain neighborhoods within our boundaries.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we encourage businesses to partner with us to better our community. We encourage businesses to become sponsors of special events and activities within our boundaries (i.e., National Night Out, annual District 8 Park Day, and support of the Boys and Girls Club).


Our boundaries are:

Florin Road - North

Laguna Blvd. - South

Interstate 5 - West

Hwy 99 - East

If you have questions, please email us at

IMG_2320 NNO 2023
IMG_2125 NNO 2023
IMG_2321 NNO 2023
IMG_2318 NNO 2023
IMG_2322 NNO 2023
IMG_2107 NNO 2023
IMG_2311 NNO 2023
IMG_2105 NNO 2023
IMG_2104 NNO 2023
IMG_2102 NNO 2023
IMG_2317 NNO 2023
IMG_2312 NNO 2023
IMG_3691 NNO 2023
IMG_2110 NNO 2023
IMG_2117 NNO 2023_edited
IMG_2132 NNO 2023
IMG_2129 NNO 2023
IMG_2125 NNO 2023
IMG_2126 NNO2023
IMG_2132 NNO 2023
IMG_2113 NNO 2023
IMG_2122 NNO 2023
IMG_2127 NNO 2023
IMG_2116 NNO 2023
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