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​North Laguna Creek Valley Hi Community Association (NLCVHCA) was established in September of 2017 by five North Laguna Creek residents to revitalize the original goal of the Sacramento County planners and supervisors in the 1970’s. The founders made up the five-member Board of Directors (BOD). In 2018, NLCCA added "Valley Hi" to its name to include an under served community and added a sixth member to the BOD. We also established 501(c)3 nonprofit status to better serve our community. NLCVHCA represents homeowners, renters, and businesses within our boundaries of South Sacramento, Elk Grove, CA, and the County of Sacramento. The boundaries were intentionally set to promote community engagement and cross collaborate on mutual concerns and issues within our communities.  



North Laguna Creek Valley Hi Community Association:  Communities that capitalize on the strengths of its diverse population to remain a desirable place to live where property value is preserved.





The idea of creating an inviting neighborhood environment with both recreational opportunity for residents, and conceptual boundary for future growth in south Sacramento County was discussed by Sacramento County planners and supervisors in the 1970’s. The area was later to be called North Laguna. Their goal was to develop a community that would be a desirable place for people to live and where property values would be protected.  

By 1988, the first section of the Laguna Creek Parkway was completed by the City of Sacramento as part of the North Laguna development. Bicycle and walking trails were installed on both sides of Laguna Creek from Center Parkway to Franklin Blvd., a pedestrian bridge was built over the creek to connect the two trails, and the creek channel itself was modified to increase its conveyance capacity. In addition, both banks were revegetated with native trees and shrubs, and regulations for flood risk reduction, wildlife habitat and wetlands preservation required the dedication of several hundred feet of open space riparian buffer on both sides of the creek. The North Laguna Wildlife Area reach of trails and open space is managed to this day by the City of Sacramento Department of Parks and Recreation.  Funding for maintenance is provided by a perpetual assessment established in the late 1980s by the first community of residents in the area.

The scenario of associating creek side development with dedicated riparian buffers bounded by recreational trails has been repeated several times along Laguna Creek since the North Laguna trail section was established. The Laguna Bypass Channel was excavated along the north side of Laguna Creek from Hwy 99 to downstream of Bruceville Road In the late 1990’s.

The investment of the neighborhoods of NLCVHCA is heightened by the wide range of community activities and amenities. Cosumnes River College, located within this community, has emerged with very much its own identity, small enough to offer personalized attention, yet large enough to offer a comprehensive postsecondary education to the community it serves. Barbara Morse Wackford Community & Aquatic Complex is the community water park and aquatic complex that is incomparable to anything in the area. This community water park is home to the 45-foot long by 9-foot high inflatable called Double Trouble, as well as the 160-foot single rider waterslide called Typhoon Tower. Multiple shopping centers are conveniently located within our boundaries as well.

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North Laguna Creek Wildlife Area
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